I’m Abbie Nurse, the designer and maker behind Uproot Jewellery.

Growing up in a creative family, with mum a floral artist and Granny a ceramic artist I was exposed to design from before I could talk. I loved making anything as a kid, I ploughed through air dry clay and paint and pencil crayons and felt and buttons. Through high school I sewed frenetically until my Mum’s sewing machine almost died. Eventually leading me to decide to channel my creative genes into Jewellery design. I studied a degree in Fine Art, Jewellery Design and Metal Techniques at The University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, after which I tutored and lectured at various tertiary institutions before becoming a full time mum, putting my Jewellery pursuits temporarily on hold. But like all people who are creatively wired, I have NEVER stopped creating, designing, planning, sewing and making things.

The jewellery I make reflects my love of colour. My designs are definitely influenced by having grown up in South Africa where, pattern, rhythm, contrast and colour are incredibly vibrant. I think Africa’s stark & often tragic discrepancies between beauty and decay, lavish and barren, bright and squalid are what penetrate my memories of childhood the most. When the backdrop bleak even a red bottle top looks beautiful.

Every shape, every bead, every bangle every ring is designed and made by me, by hand. My process involves making one original shape, honing it until I’m satisfied with its form and surface finish and then creating a mould from which I cast epoxy pieces. The epoxy is mixed and coloured by hand, making each batch slightly different. Once hardened, I unmould the epoxy and file, sand, polish and drill each piece individually.

Everything is made here in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia.