How to Seamless Repeats 100% in Procreate: Video Tutorial

If you are like me then then you probably love Procreate more than any other iPad app…amiright?!?

And like a lot of you I love making patterns, for surface design, fabric, Society 6, Spoonflower, for making pattern brushes in Procreate, for the hell of it….because I AM ADDICTED!

So for me, figuring out a really, really, really, foolproof method of creating seamless repeats in Procreate has been a massive priority. You may have seen a previous tutorial I did a while back showing how to achieve it, but I have utterly refined the process, so now you are almost guaranteed to get flawless repeats every time and you only need to leave the comforts of Procreate to see the awesomeness of your pattern riiiiiiight at the very end, and even then you don’t actually have to do that step.

This video will show you how to do that.

A quick overview, you’ll need to prepare a couple of shapes, images or whatever to actually use to make your pattern. I made some slices of pizza and some extra toppings. Each element needs to be on its own layer, not difficult.

Then I’ll show you how a companion layer, filled with black and set to 50% opacity is the SECRET INGREDIENT in achieving perfect seamlessness, I shit You NOT!


Image 812 Image 813 IMG_8720 Image 810 Image 811 Image 809